Fabric Printing and Dyeing Expertise at Creative Dyeing and Printing Mills Pvt. Ltd.

At Creative Dyeing and Printing Mills, we specialize in bringing vibrant life to cottons and viscose fabrics through a range of meticulous printing and dyeing techniques. Our commitment to excellence extends to various methods, ensuring that each fabric receives the treatment it deserves.

A Glimpse into the World of Creative Dyeing and Printing Mills

Who We Are

Creative Dyeing and Printing Mills, situated in the vibrant industrial hub of Mathura Road, Faridabad, is a beacon of innovation in textile craftsmanship. We blend tradition with cutting-edge technology, ensuring precision in every dyeing and printing process. Our commitment extends beyond vibrant prints to sustainable practices, Trusted by discerning buyers, we redefine industry standards, creating a legacy of excellence in every fabric we touch. Welcome to Creative Dyeing and Printing Mills, where creativity meets precision.

What We Do​

At the heart of our operations lies a world-class facility equipped with the latest machinery for precision dyeing and printing. From screen printing to digital techniques, our innovative processes redefine industry standards. Our dedication extends beyond vibrant prints; we actively embrace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), operating a Zero Discharge Plant and adhering to eco-friendly practices. Trusted by discerning buyers, we transform fabrics with a focus on quality, vibrancy, and eco-conscious principles.​

Fabrics We Work With

Explore the rich tapestry of fabrics at Creative Dyeing and Printing Mills. From the crisp elegance of Poplin to the luxurious drape of Viscose Rayon, our expertise extends across a versatile range. Each fabric type is a canvas awaiting the touch of our printing and dyeing mastery.

We specialize in printing and dyeing various types of fabrics, with a primary focus on cottons and viscose. Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of fabric types within these categories, ensuring versatility and quality in every project. Here are some of the fabrics we specialize in:

Cotton Fabrics






Manmade Fabrics

Viscose Rayon




Dyeing/Printing Techniques

Discover the intricate dance of color and creativity in our dyeing and printing techniques. From the timeless artistry of Screen Printing to the cutting-edge precision of Digital Printing, each method at Creative Dyeing and Printing Mills is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Foil Printing

A versatile and widely-used method for creating intricate designs on cotton and viscose fabrics. Ideal for large-scale production while maintaining excellent color accuracy and detail. our capacity is upto 5000 meters per day.

Digital Printing

State-of-the-art digital printing technology for high-resolution images and complex patterns. Provides flexibility and allows for customization, making it suitable for both small batches and large orders.

Discharge Printing

Involves removing color from the fabric, creating unique patterns and designs. Adds a distinct, artistic flair to cotton and viscose textiles.

Reactive Dyeing

Ensures deep penetration of dyes into the fabric fibers, resulting in long-lasting and vibrant colors. Ideal for achieving a wide range of hues and shades on cotton and viscose materials.

Pigment Printing

Water-based pigment inks are applied to the fabric surface, resulting in a soft and breathable finish. Ideal for achieving a variety of textures and effects on cotton and viscose fabrics. Our exclusive focus on cottons and viscose allows us to master the nuances of these natural fibers, ensuring that each piece reflects the quality, creativity, and attention to detail synonymous with Creative Dyeing and Printing Mills.

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A Peek into Our Premier Infrastructure

Step behind the scenes at Creative Dyeing and Printing Mills, where our commitment to quality is woven into every facet of our world-class infrastructure. From cutting-edge technology to environmental responsibility, discover how innovation converges to shape the heartbeat of our dyeing and printing prowess.

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